Work Authorization Form

I authorize Viking Boat & Fiberglass Repair to perform the repair work described on my estimate. I understand that additional costs may incur. 

I will be notified before repairs continue and my authorization will be required in case of additional costs.

I agree that Viking Boat is not responsible for delays to my repair due to parts unavailability. Any old parts removed will be discarded unless specified. I agree that Viking Boat is not responsible for personal items left in my RV or Boat. 

Viking is not responsible for loss or damages to my recreational vehicle or boat in case of theft, fire or any other cause beyond their control. 

I will not use Viking Boat as a storage facility unless an agreement is in place prior to me leaving my boat or RV. Any boat or RV left without arrangements will be charged a $50 per day storage fee. 

I agree that if I should half the repairs for any reason, I will be responsible for the costs of any and all repairs completed at this point, as well as the cost of parts which are not returnable, or restocking fees charged to Viking Boat. 

I appoint Viking Boat & Fiberglass Repair as my attorney in fact to accept checks, drafts or bills of exchange on my behalf and endorse all such checks, drafts or bills of exchange for the deposit to the Viking Boat & Fiberglass Repair account as credit on my account for the repairs to my boat or RV.

I acknowledge a mechanics lien will be placed on my boat or RV to ensure payment of the amount of repairs. In the event of legal action; I agree to pay all legal fees, attorney fees, court fees and any other fees involved.

Payment is due upon completion of repairs. In some cases a deposit to be determined; will be required at the time of drop off before repairs begin.

Any deductibles, betterments or full payment must be made before my boat or RV is released back to me. If payment is not made; I understand Viking Boat will hold my boat or RV until full payment is received and a mechanics lien may be placed. 

Thanks for submitting!